Comic Sans…

Can we just talk about the perfection that is this…..


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Hello, friends.

I’m busily packing and cleaning in preparation for THE move and so I don’t have much time to chat or even apologize for how long it’s been since I last posted. A long freaking time, I know.

BUT, I did want to share this awesome little tid with you all as a tiding of the new year. Happy 2011. Big things are a-happening this year.

The Conquest by Delane Meadows via dwl.
Enjoy. I’ll be back. Albeit, I’ll be much further east than I am now, but I’ll be back nonetheless.

Buy things for us.

So, this getting married thing. It’s pretty awesome. I mean the “til death do us part” thing is great***, but do you realize how many free things you get?! I bet you didn’t.  Guys, so many free things.

Part one: It started with our registering. I signed up for theknot, like every good bride-to-be, and while most of their daily updates are more irritating than anything else, there are a few gems, from time to time. Of course, I opened the one that promised free food and drinks which led the Boy and I to Macy’s (when he was visiting in October.) And free food and drink, there was. Now he and I had no intention of registering at Macy’s (and have since deleted our registry there,) but decided to attend anyway (did I mention the free food and drinks?!) I think this was a good idea for us, we registered for things knowing that it wasn’t “real” and so got to feel out each others tastes, which are unsurprisingly similar.  And we got to BE engaged, finally. Yes, we’ve been engaged for almost 4 months already (!) but being hundreds of miles apart means we rarely get to experience being treated like we’re getting married (convoluted much?) This registering also brought about a conundrum for myself (and I think the Boy?) I feel greedy registering for a 89$ set of plates, but I also don’t want to pick something  that will break and that I don’t even like just because it’s less expensive. It’s been interesting for me to try and find things that are reasonably priced and that I also want to be a part of our lives. I’m doing my best. And will continue to update our registries. Also, Macy’s gave us a gift bag on the way out with two champagne glasses and a bunch of other cool stuff.

That week, we also set about registering fo’ reals. We ended up registering at Crate & Barrel, Target and The last lets us register for anything that one can buy online (and is a nice alternative to Amazon, which I’m trying to stay away from.) Myregistry also means that we can register for things on Etsy, which I’m totally psyched about.  Which brings me to part two of our little registry showcase: When asked what I want for Christmas, I’ve pointed to my registry. I need a little feedback, gentle readers. If I get some sweet registry things for Christmas, am I supposed to wait until we actually get married before I can use them? It seems funny to me to just leave a box of cool stuff in my room for 8 more months. BUT, and this is what I’m leaning towards, this stuff is for US, not for me. And I want us to have memories of using it together, rather than of using it when I lived alone. Is that too sentimental? I don’t think so. And if it is, I’ll take it. Fine, I’m sentimental. But I’ve also been encouraged in this thinking by this great little piece of writing by Marissa****. (Published! Awesome!) And I really agree with her. I want things that will mean something to both of us.

What do you think?

***If you don’t know me, know that I was being facetious. Clearly the “til-death-do-us-part” thing is better than the free stuff.

****Marissa is awesome. Plus her husband is the best man. More importantly, she likes reading and writing and coffee and bunch of other things that I also like. And me moving means that we get to hang out more. Score. Read her fresh blog here.

And if you didn’t see it last week, Suf (Also D.M. Stith, who is from Houghton, wha-what!) was on Jimmy Fallon. He’s a total genius and I love him. Almost as much as Angel.

(Also, I apologize for the link and no video. Hulu doesn’t let anyone embed anything, ever. Click it. Watch it. It’s awesome.)

(Doesn’t he look a little like Ke$ha did when she was on SNL? I’m getting strong vibes. Whatever, Suf is still a badass.)

Once more, with feeling.

The long awaited engagement pictures. (Not that long.) I seriously cannot say enough nice things about Melissa. Not only is her taking and editing style beautiful, but she had amazingly fast turnaround, was within our student-loan hindered budget and gave us EIGHT times as many pictures as we were expecting (AND, she doesn’t charge travel fees. Which wasn’t really an issue for us, but if you were wondering…). Seriously, go to her site here.

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Bangs! Bangs! Bangs!

I got my haircut tonight. It only served to solidify my opinion that one of the best things in this world is having one’s hair brushed. Also, at the place I go, they do a little scalp massage thing, which rocks.

Tonight is interesting, you see, because I have weird hair. It’s strange. It doesn’t do what I tell it to do. It’s curly but not curly enough that I can just put gel in it and go. But it definitely is not straight. I get the best results if I wash it at night and sleep on it because then the curls don’t get frizzy and then I don’t have to both wash and dry it in the mornings. (I’m not a morning person.  Ask the Boy. Or the Best Friend. It’s best if I don’t leave important things for the morning tines or they probably won’t get done.) Anyway, weird hair. No one understands my pain. Emo, emo, emo.  The past few months, I’ve stopped brushing it, hoping to encourage the curl so that I don’t land somewhere in those between stages and it usually works, and I’m usually satisfied with the level of disheveledness, much to my mother’s chagrin.

For a while, I’ve been wanting to get that haircut. You know the one I’m talking about, that Jenny Lewis with the bangs and the choppy layers. And I think I’ve been trying to explain this to my hairdresser every time I’ve gone in but always come out with something different (no big, it’s just hair.) But today, I bit that bullet, you know the one, telling you that you’re eloquent and articulate and should be able to describe to the hair dresser exactly what you want bullet,  and took a picture in.

This one, actually.


Right now, it’s a little too salon perfect, you know, when they blow dry it and curl and it put a ton of product in it so it’s glossy and wayyy too slippery so it’s impossible to try and restyle? Well, I’m still going to play with it a bit, but here are the bangs. Wachoo fink?

Bangs, yes?

I’m off to write the last paper of my undergraduate career. And by “off” I mean I need to close the interweb off so that I can write.

Postcards from Italy

Going into this wedding planning business, I was dead set on not needing/wanting/wanting to pay for a wedding video. And I still don’t really care for one. I imagine it would be fun to pull out at anniversaries and maybe to show kinders down the line, but mostly, I think I would be really awkward on camera. My mom has talked me into wedding video, but that’s mostly because we have some second cousin who does video camera things for a living, so it will be free for us. I’m not setting my hopes on it or anything, rather relenting because I don’t have a good reason to say “no” to a free wedding video.

BUT. I’ve been seeing a lot of beautiful wedding videos lately. I posted one on my FB of a lovely elopement and then I saw this one from For You Love Me.

Now, this isn’t exactly a wedding video in the traditional sense, and I’m not even sure what it would be used for…but it’s so lovely. Maybe a sweet Save the Date?

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the sprout and the bean

It’s finally snowing here. And it’s not a bustling, holiday kind of snow, rather a relaxing, hushed snow. So, I’ve been drinking lots of coffee and wearing flannel and my scarf indoors and being contemplative and listening to this song on repeat. It’s not exactly wintery, but it’s a nice sort of melancholy that seems to fit my right now.

Happy winter, friends.