Postcards from Italy

Going into this wedding planning business, I was dead set on not needing/wanting/wanting to pay for a wedding video. And I still don’t really care for one. I imagine it would be fun to pull out at anniversaries and maybe to show kinders down the line, but mostly, I think I would be really awkward on camera. My mom has talked me into wedding video, but that’s mostly because we have some second cousin who does video camera things for a living, so it will be free for us. I’m not setting my hopes on it or anything, rather relenting because I don’t have a good reason to say “no” to a free wedding video.

BUT. I’ve been seeing a lot of beautiful wedding videos lately. I posted one on my FB of a lovely elopement and then I saw this one from For You Love Me.

Now, this isn’t exactly a wedding video in the traditional sense, and I’m not even sure what it would be used for…but it’s so lovely. Maybe a sweet Save the Date?

via For You Love Me


One response to “Postcards from Italy

  1. um…i love that. so sweet! stashing special items away together, then sharing a beautiful evening in love. it is genius!

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