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Lady Croom

“What are friend’s books for if not to be borrowed?” -Lady Croom, Arcadia by Tom Stoppard.

Tom Stoppard is endlessly quotable, but this happens to be one of my favourites (and one of my life mantras? Just ask Emily.)

I recently attended a letterpress workshop at ArtLab Fort Collins, this cool…collective, for lack of better term. It consists of a group of local artists who rent abandoned store fronts around Old Town Fort Collins and turn them into art galleries. Usually, they stay in one storefront until some other company is able to rent it out. That’s my understanding. So while they’re there, they hold art openings and also workshops. In September, I was lucky enough to sign up for a free(!) letterpress workshop.

This was my first. I know, I know, I got the quote wrong, but I was trying to think on my feet and this is what I came up with. Thing that I learned 1: one must set all the type backwards…which I clearly didn’t remember by the time I was setting “Books.”

Thing that I learned 2: One must make sure that all the type is set not only backwards, but right-side-up. The “o”s and the “a”s should be on the same baseline as the rest of the letters and I set them upside down.

We were aided and taught by one Shelby Montross, of Meadowlark Creative. After the workshop, we “swapped” work and she took one of these prints and gave me one of the postcards that she pressed.

These are printed on really amazing thick stock that displays the debossing (the bite of the type on the paper) of the print. Apparently, the debossing that makes it so attractive to us modern girls was actually the sign of a crap printer. Interesting, I think, that the thing printers were striving for, that jet-ink print look is the same, impersonal, factory look that many folks are currently shying from (myself included.)