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starbucks dictates my seasons.

Pumpkin. It’s here (and has been for a month or so….[brief aside: my stupid starbucks in the CO has had pumpkin scones all summer. Screwing my body up because it isn’t supposed to get these scones until October.])

Serious about the power of Starbucks. How do we know Christmas is here? Starbucks Christmas cups, duh. I explained this theory to The Boy last week and he was having none of it. “What about Spring?” This was a toughie. “Uh, the, uh, they have new gift card designs in spring.” If you can think of something better, I’m ready to reopen the argument that he thinks he’s won.

Today, I was feeling inspired and motivated and so decided to bake some delicious pumpkin cupcakes. Admittedly, they’re less than healthy. I’m still glad I made them.

Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting(Cupcake 15) from Ming Makes Cupcakes

Here’s my visual recipe (Sorry about the pictures, friends, I was rushing):

Combine dry ingredients in bowl.

Mix sugar and eggs. Then add oil and mix for 3 minutes.(Look at how nice that Kitchen Aid is. Don’t you think it’s so nice? And that every kitchen should have one? Good. We registered for one at Target. Ball’s in your court.)

Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients. This was actually delicious batter. I mean, not that I had any. Salmonella and all that.

Add pumpkin! I didn’t have any pumpkins laying around so I used canned. Which is kind of a bummer, but worked for now.

I just sprinkled cinnamon on top rather than crystallized ginger as per Ming’s instructions because I was in my sweats, and who has crystallized ginger just layin’ around, really? And also, the crystallized ginger that starbucks put on their gingerbread lattes last year was gross.

***I know, I’m posting alot today. I’ve been working on these posts for the better part of the week but finally had the motivation to actually start the blog today. So here they are. Also, you’d rather open a new blog to numerous posts than to just one, right? My gift to you.