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I’m finally in a position to work on furnishings for my abode. I’m moving (ideally, at the beginning of the year) and will have my own place for a little while and then, post wedding, The Boy and I will have our first place. Hopefully a little A-frame with exposed brick walls and wood floors and floor to ceiling windows. A girl can dream, right?

What this means is that I can start thrifting and making things for living.

I went to the Habitat for Humanity store this week (um, which is awesome by the way. I almost snagged a total mid century babe of a table with sexy danish legs. When I came back for it, she had left with another homeowner. Probably not one with such great taste as me, but the other man, none the less.) I still scored some great accessories, though. And plan to go back for a couch and some chairs and tables…because I’m going to learn to reupholster. Apparently, my grandma has a reupholstery sewing machine (which is somehow different from a regular one, I don’t know) and so I’m making shit for our house. The Boy has somewhat less faith that I actually will make these things, but we’ll show him, won’t we?

Anyway, this week I found this great poster and some awesome plates. And spent less than 6 dollars. That’s what I call a deal. Again, sorry about the pictures. I promise, I do know how to use a camera. Maybe one day I’ll be able to prove it to you, lovely blog readers.

So, the frame needs to get gone, as well as the matting and I think there might be a little water damage at the bottom, but a total steal for 5 bucks. Look at that grot-ish font! And those colors!

Arkansas! Iowa! At 25 cents a pop, these babies were too good to pass up, despite my not knowing what to do with them. Perhaps a plate wall? The Boy has some great Dutch plates from his grandma that would fit right in… Also, go Hawkeyes.