A Very Long Engagement.

Ok, so not THAT long. Apparently, the average engagement is 11 to 14 months, although I don’t actually know anyone who has done that.

Our wedding is nothing if not DIY and about “who ya know.”  The venue is owned by the cousin of a friend of someone who goes to our church. My aunt is making the cake. The food is being made by some people my mom works with. These are all good things, as we’re not exactly rolling in money, me being almost graduated and him in, ahem, a very expensive grad school. And I’m also really excited at how personal is really makes our wedding. It becomes less about the pomp and circumstance and more about everyone involved in our lives. I am pro this.

There is one thing that I really wanted to spend money on. Engagement pictures. I know they’re not a big deal; a lot of people choose not to even take engagement pictures. But I also know that there are very few good pictures of me and The Boy, both self-proclaimed “unphotogenics.”

And we found Melissa of Fresh Photography. She has this amazing eye for a shot and a wonderful editing technique that’s both vintagey and modern. And she seriously loves what she does. If you’re in Colorado looking for a photog, look her up.

She sent me a second sneak peek today that I thought I should share with you!

This is one of my favourites. It’s an example of what we like to call, “The Joel Show.” He’s the lead and writer and I’m the producer, and often act along side him. He hams it up and I either egg him on, look at him disapprovingly or descend into laughter.

Seriously, though. Melissa is awesome. Check her out here.



I’m finally in a position to work on furnishings for my abode. I’m moving (ideally, at the beginning of the year) and will have my own place for a little while and then, post wedding, The Boy and I will have our first place. Hopefully a little A-frame with exposed brick walls and wood floors and floor to ceiling windows. A girl can dream, right?

What this means is that I can start thrifting and making things for living.

I went to the Habitat for Humanity store this week (um, which is awesome by the way. I almost snagged a total mid century babe of a table with sexy danish legs. When I came back for it, she had left with another homeowner. Probably not one with such great taste as me, but the other man, none the less.) I still scored some great accessories, though. And plan to go back for a couch and some chairs and tables…because I’m going to learn to reupholster. Apparently, my grandma has a reupholstery sewing machine (which is somehow different from a regular one, I don’t know) and so I’m making shit for our house. The Boy has somewhat less faith that I actually will make these things, but we’ll show him, won’t we?

Anyway, this week I found this great poster and some awesome plates. And spent less than 6 dollars. That’s what I call a deal. Again, sorry about the pictures. I promise, I do know how to use a camera. Maybe one day I’ll be able to prove it to you, lovely blog readers.

So, the frame needs to get gone, as well as the matting and I think there might be a little water damage at the bottom, but a total steal for 5 bucks. Look at that grot-ish font! And those colors!

Arkansas! Iowa! At 25 cents a pop, these babies were too good to pass up, despite my not knowing what to do with them. Perhaps a plate wall? The Boy has some great Dutch plates from his grandma that would fit right in… Also, go Hawkeyes.

starbucks dictates my seasons.

Pumpkin. It’s here (and has been for a month or so….[brief aside: my stupid starbucks in the CO has had pumpkin scones all summer. Screwing my body up because it isn’t supposed to get these scones until October.])

Serious about the power of Starbucks. How do we know Christmas is here? Starbucks Christmas cups, duh. I explained this theory to The Boy last week and he was having none of it. “What about Spring?” This was a toughie. “Uh, the, uh, they have new gift card designs in spring.” If you can think of something better, I’m ready to reopen the argument that he thinks he’s won.

Today, I was feeling inspired and motivated and so decided to bake some delicious pumpkin cupcakes. Admittedly, they’re less than healthy. I’m still glad I made them.

Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting(Cupcake 15) from Ming Makes Cupcakes

Here’s my visual recipe (Sorry about the pictures, friends, I was rushing):

Combine dry ingredients in bowl.

Mix sugar and eggs. Then add oil and mix for 3 minutes.(Look at how nice that Kitchen Aid is. Don’t you think it’s so nice? And that every kitchen should have one? Good. We registered for one at Target. Ball’s in your court.)

Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients. This was actually delicious batter. I mean, not that I had any. Salmonella and all that.

Add pumpkin! I didn’t have any pumpkins laying around so I used canned. Which is kind of a bummer, but worked for now.

I just sprinkled cinnamon on top rather than crystallized ginger as per Ming’s instructions because I was in my sweats, and who has crystallized ginger just layin’ around, really? And also, the crystallized ginger that starbucks put on their gingerbread lattes last year was gross.

***I know, I’m posting alot today. I’ve been working on these posts for the better part of the week but finally had the motivation to actually start the blog today. So here they are. Also, you’d rather open a new blog to numerous posts than to just one, right? My gift to you.

almost married.

So, there’s this boy. We’ve been together for almost 3 years. We’re getting married in 9 months.

Yes, yes, everyone wants to talk about their significant other, so I’ll make this brief. I think it only right that he has a little info about him here because he will be a big part of the things that I write.

He likes buildings and chewing the philosophical fat. He tells me when I’m being dumb and constantly encourages me. When he’s around, I want to be nicer and smarter and funnier than I am…which usually (hopefully?) means that I am better at being those things. He makes me want to read more and work harder and constantly do better.

Our relationship is an interesting one, where we were apart for the first year we were interested in one another. Then, our educational situation meant that we spent every waking moment together. The past couple of years, we really have started our lives together. His family and my family live states away and I think that makes things…more difficult sometimes.

The people who were around when we started dating know us as a couple (and so were expecting the ring), but that isn’t a luxury that our families have been able to have. So, when we got engaged, I think it was a little surprising for our families. They know and love us apart from one another but it is not as easy as that for us to be suddenly family. Luckily, we’re taking every opportunity we can to get to know our respective families, and we’ve had a good amount of them.

Also, the V-Dub boys are great at cheering. Iowa’s on? Man, you better be ready for some…quiet exclamations. Not what I’m used to, but SO amusing.

The Boy was here last week and Melissa, from Fresh Photography took some pictures. We’re currently waiting on the rest, but there is a sneak peek here, and another below.

More to come from us.

Funny: his Papa thinks he looks dorky and that I look lovely. I think I look dorky and he looks cute.

Also, us:

Lady Croom

“What are friend’s books for if not to be borrowed?” -Lady Croom, Arcadia by Tom Stoppard.

Tom Stoppard is endlessly quotable, but this happens to be one of my favourites (and one of my life mantras? Just ask Emily.)

I recently attended a letterpress workshop at ArtLab Fort Collins, this cool…collective, for lack of better term. It consists of a group of local artists who rent abandoned store fronts around Old Town Fort Collins and turn them into art galleries. Usually, they stay in one storefront until some other company is able to rent it out. That’s my understanding. So while they’re there, they hold art openings and also workshops. In September, I was lucky enough to sign up for a free(!) letterpress workshop.

This was my first. I know, I know, I got the quote wrong, but I was trying to think on my feet and this is what I came up with. Thing that I learned 1: one must set all the type backwards…which I clearly didn’t remember by the time I was setting “Books.”

Thing that I learned 2: One must make sure that all the type is set not only backwards, but right-side-up. The “o”s and the “a”s should be on the same baseline as the rest of the letters and I set them upside down.

We were aided and taught by one Shelby Montross, of Meadowlark Creative. After the workshop, we “swapped” work and she took one of these prints and gave me one of the postcards that she pressed.

These are printed on really amazing thick stock that displays the debossing (the bite of the type on the paper) of the print. Apparently, the debossing that makes it so attractive to us modern girls was actually the sign of a crap printer. Interesting, I think, that the thing printers were striving for, that jet-ink print look is the same, impersonal, factory look that many folks are currently shying from (myself included.)